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Why all these epidemic outbreak? What should the Christian do?

I have been thinking and deeply worried about the Recent COrona Virus and the level to which it sweeps life. How do they really emerge and how can we tackle it as Christians?

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signs of the end time. it could be one of the bowels is emptied by the angel as contained in the book of Revelation

There are informations on ground on how to manage and prevent the spread, governments should take note and their ground at those measures that are humanly possible.

The saints should talk it over with our father in heaven, he knows about everything that faces us and he'll grant us wisdom to escape, surely, God will hear from heaven and He will heal the land.


There are practical measures we all must take with respect to our local environment. In the meantime, a prayer.

I made a prayer via Golden Censer a few hours ago and I will continue to do so.

Stay safe Lady Evegrace.


Let the church keep praying that God will heal our land. That God may show us mercy.

We should also educate our family members and friends on the epidemic.

Help them overcome panic spread.

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