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Telos listing at Cryptex24

Last weeks I spoke with my friends from Cryptex24 exchange and they are interested in listing Telos. No listing fees will apply so no need for additional expenses for the Telos community.

But before the listing, Cryptex24 management asked me to make small research, kind of questionnaire among Telos users. So will you trade Telos there?

They are of course curious about the liquidity and the usage of exchange by community.

On Cryptex 24 Telos will be traded to BTC, USDT (Tron), C24 (Cryptex24 Steem-based token), and also UAHG (which is Hryvnya, Ukrainian fiat currency). So it will be one more bridge connecting Fiat and Telos, which is good.

And my hope for future is that Telos might become one of the main pairs, also on Cryptex24 you can trade BNB, STEEM, SBD, TRX, XRP, EOS, as well as some other less known cryptocurrencies.

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I would be interested in Telos / Steem trading, though I do take my privacy quite seriously.


  • cryptotexty1icon81StrangerFeb 8, 09:56
    Steem is not the main pair there, so you won't be able to trade Telos/Steem directly, but you will be able to do it through USDT or BTC But what I think in future, if Telos becomes popular there, both by volume and number of users, may be Telos can become one of the main coins, so others will be traded to Telos (including Telos tokens, such as PEER which you have a lot now) Regarding privacy - you don't need to pass KYC You can do it, but it's not obligation. For example I'm trading there for more than half a year and I didn't pass KYC yet
  • Understood - thank you. Please keep Peeranha up-to-date with developments. SK.

Interested development. I wish we have more openings in other exchanges.

Nothing to see yet