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Who can create TELOS token?

Who can create TELOS token?

It's interesting to know, because I'm confident that tokenization is one of the strong TELOS sides (so let's say it's as easy as on EOS and resources are cheaper and there is no CPU problems)
Different businesses, projects and even individuals might be interested in creation of tokens
It would be good to have knowledgeable people, to whom they might address either to consult or hire for the token creation process (or even for bigger process of tokenomics creation, analyses)

That's why it's interesting to put this question

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Anyone can create their own simple token for fun on Vapaee.io, the Telos DEX designed by Viter,but owned by all of us.

However, the account name will not be unique on Vapaee. Alternatively, there are a few Telosians scattered among Telegram who have the skill to customize a token for those requiring one.


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