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designprojects Telos - Edxserverus

Dear Edxserverus.

I note that we are getting close to the end of voting for your second cycle. Keeping in mind that you have been designing for Telos for many months now, I kindly request that you place links to your designs in a reply answer below please - for review and easy reference.

With thanks.


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Hello sirKnight, I am glad to answer my first question with the news that my website "telos magazine" is now available online through this link temporarily since I plan to buy a more accessible domain for the public , I am currently working on it to improve it and give telos quality content, I am also managing a twitter account under the name @DesignsTelos where I share tweets with my new designs of telos. I appreciate all the support received and I want to remind the community and any group or project that is interested in developing in telos that I am at your disposal to develop ideas for the benefit ofthis great blockchain. I hope to continue counting on your support for my wps #83. If you have ideas for my page you are welcome, all my thanks to the telos community, greetings.

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