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What are really the roles of investors on TELOS?

Investments are mainly done by investors for their own profit and gain.

With respect to the TELOS blockchain, how will investors invasion help the project and token?

I think a clear knowledge of this will help many see reasons to promote TELOS and possibly attract investors

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Hi Tom,

Investors, whilst looking to grow the value of their capital, do inject liquidity into the TLOS market. This makes it possible for BPs and workers to sell TLOS to fund their operations.

Encouraging new investors is important for this reason. One of the biggest incentives for investors to come aboard is REX, which is running at circa 17%pa. Nowhere else in the world is this income return on offer, but at the end of the day, there needs to be appreciation in the Telos price to make it worthwhile.


I would just add to SirKnight's good answer above, is it's also important for "coin-holders"/community members to support dAPPS that build and use the chain, (just like we are all doing now) which may also help encourage other developers to come and build their dAPPS as well, which in turn builds momentum. ^_^

i am looking forward to learning more of this expectations and roles of

In addition to what Sirknight says above, Investors are meant to help expand the usecases of TLOS by buying the token with fiat or other crypto and staking them to Rex to help the system generate funds from loans. This would help mass adoption of Telos and also boost the price.

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