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As Christians,Is it right to submit to oppressive government?

There is cataclysm in many parts of the world today.
Some of these upheavals are sponsored by some governments.

My question is, it is right as Christians to submit ourselves to such governments??

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Careful of how you interpret Romans 13. Tyrants have been using it against Christians for centuries.

Paul was directing his message to the gentiles in Rome, encouraging them to submit to the authority of the Church and pay the temple tax. He was not speaking to Christians.

This quick article says it better than me.



The Bible teaches us to always respect and obey leadership regardless of the nature and quality.

Then on oppressions in leadership or government, our duty is to pray to God.

Every government, whether oppressive or good, i believe is instituted or allowed by God and He says we should obey our leaders.
Sometimes, oppressive government could actually be allowed by God to draw His people who have gone astray closer to Him in repentance! On that note, all that is needed is to humble ourselves and call upon Him for a change

all governments, the scripture says is constituted by God. It admonishes us to be subject to it for Gods sake. However, if you as a Christian perceive that a government is oppressive, with a clean heart, go on your knee to God in Prayers concerning it. Don't forget, the heart of kings are in His hands, where ever He desires, he turns it to. When there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer

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