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Peeranha like a university??

If peeranha is like a university, how many colleges do you think we have in operation for now?

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Peeranha may see communities spring up in different fields of study ie. engineering, medicine, politics.

Peeranha could become a wonderful decentralised and uncensored source of fact. Superior to some universities perhaps.


Oh for me everything Steemchurch, it has been a University, a great teaching, nothing better than sharing the word of God and being at the forefront, I am excited to say that I am in a blockchain, where I share my feelings and experiences.

I have a lot of confidence and faith, I go slowly but honestly and blessed by God, my family supports me in all this expansion.

Oh, good vision for Peeranha, it would be great if he became a University in the future. For now, I see there are many learning and others are placing many questions a day, or have a lot of success, I wonder if they have the same followers?

In short we are here to learn and it is important.

Especially in the steem church community, it is a container for dispensing knowledge. Get to have a share of it today. It has a whole prospect for growth in all of it's communities

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