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Who are the poor in spirit?

In the beatitudes, Jesus Christ noted that the poor in spirit shall see God?

Who are they?

Those weak or low in the spirit?

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Poor in the Holy Spirit perhaps Max. The spirit which places important things virtues Family, Faith and Freedom above all else.

If you pray for material goods whilst all around you starve - you are poor in spirit.

I sometimes read it as those whose spirits have been broken too. Theses reasons are somewhat related however, insofar as consumerism and globalism are breaking spirits and leaving people mindless debt slaves.


Those who do not seek after the secret things of God. those who rely absolutely on Gods potency to act in their steed. those who take everything as loss for the kingdom sake.

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Those who are humble, who persevere no matter the persecutions they face, who do not seek attention, and are dependent on God for everything they need.

Such one who is Always lowly in his own eyes. He does not exalt himself; he is not proud. Even though he may be considered insignificant by others, he sees it all as God’s will and rejoices that he is allowed to share in the sufferings of Christ.
His life evolves as the life of a servant, and he is more than willing to bear the others’ burdens.

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