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Queen Esther-Vasti Queen

One of the stories in the Bible that I really love is that of Esther, who was called "Hadasa", princess of God, knows that Esther took the opportunity to displace Queen Vasti, because she was not subject to the King's orders , today there are many people who have not valued their opportunity and have wasted what the King has given.
Are you as a Christian wasting God's call, or has the church become impregnated with the spirit of Vasti?

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He speaks of the opportunity we sometimes have and do not take advantage of, Vasti was a queen but when King Ahasuerus called her to introduce him, he did not want to attend and left the King wrong, the King is filled with rage and chooses another woman, among they were Esther, and the word says that the King loved her more than everyone and made her Queen, she was the hero of the Jewish people and risked her life, The king took out the scepter and saved her .... this story reflects what What God does with those who honor him and come to his call, the spirit of Vasti is a spirit of disobedience.

I try to personalized your question dear Apostle Darlenys. Reflecting.

The story about Esther, queen Vashti and the king went as it was destined by omniscient God.
With that said, there are lessons to learn from that.
As Christians we should endeavor to stay in favour most importantly with God and as much as possible with man.

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