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As a woman can you marry a man that beats but cares for you?

I hear many women say even if a man beats them they feel comfortable because to them that is a proof of love.
Inshot to them love isn't complete without beatings.

So can you as a woman cope, marry or live with a man that gives her money like 400 thousand monfhly but yet beats her?

What is your fake on this?

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if you are referring to a worldly marriage, i would say yes, because worldly marriage has its reason for the union. Love may not even exist as the purpose is material gain and what you call comfort.
We often encourage our single men and women not to be yoked at all with the unbeliever. If he beats you before marriage, the beating may not stop in marriage.

secondly, parental upbringing is a key factor. " train up a child in the way he should go"...

There are children that grows up into adult and considers baterying as normal.

In Christian home or marriage, the man and wife are one, so if the woman beats the husband because she is the one paying the bills, or the husband beats the wife because she is difficult, they are beating themselves.
moreover, such things should not be mentioned in a Christian home because from the beginning, it was not so.


Definitely not, the word says that husbands are not harsh with their wives, who acts in this way cannot feel love for himself or his spouse.

What is care where there is no respect? How can "love" beat a wife?

"...He that dishonoureth his wife dishonoureth himself... "

Be guided.

I think there is something that a woman deserves which is , much more than money in value and worth. She deserves love and being maltreated isn't part of it. I personally need peace in a home and won't settle for any less. Incidentally, money can't buy peace.

Thanks for asking sisterly.

Light and darkness can certainly not work together! caring is light and beating is darkness. Whoever that will accept the two working together should indeed have a rethink; it is not biblical, is not Godly

As a woman, you should put him in jail. It's not a matter of "honor" or love as many religions may say, he is a criminal and must go to jail.

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