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How do you see peeranha in the next five to ten years?

Most things or platform, business tends to boom and flourish then after it crashes after a period of time, what do you see, how do you see peeranha in the next years to come?

Is there any possibility of it standing through the test of time?

Share your view.

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In the next five years, I see Peeranha become the landing page for everyone who wants to know about cryptocurrency an blockchain.

soon, we'll see all Blockchain converge and be represented here on Peeranha.

Well this Knight is hoping that in 5 years time, us early adopters are being paid huge sponsorship dollars from commercial advertisers, as tens of millions of people world wide, tune into Peeranha daily, for our celebrated wisdom and merriment.


If we continue to grow as a very active, quick and wise community, peeranha will see no other outcome than to be a top 5 result on almost every question queried on google. We just need to keep asking, answering and spreading the word about it. Within the next 5 years, today's leaders (Q&A webs, forums, etc) are going to be struggling to keep our pace.

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