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What are you addicted to, is it Sex, Food, Fashion or the Word of God?

Being that the bible say where the treasure of a man is that is where his heart will be.
So i ask where is your heart? What are you addicted to?

Many people are addicted to many things, share yours, is it money, food, sex etc.

Or are were addicted to something before, ans now you are freed from it can you share your testimony?

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Well in my case I thank God because my mother was responsible for sowing the word since I was a child and despite my mistakes my address has always been to realize dreams of God placed in my heart.
I have felt a lot of inclination to fashion shows, and I am passionate about textile design.

It would seem that this Knight has become addicted to Peeranha. (lol).

Perhaps you are too Lady Glotokens. ;-)


I am passionate about the word, study it, read it and pray it-

"... Where a man's treasure is, there his heart will also be..."

For me, my heart is on god amd his word, then on blockchain an cryptocurrency.

My Creativity which makes me relevant here on the crypto world is activated by my consistent feasting on tje Word of God.

First - God's word
Second - Blockchain, cryptocurrency

what do think i am addicted to

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