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Do you have any other god? (GC 29)

Remember the 1st Commandment: Have no other God before He. [Exodus 20]


Our God is a jealous God and he will not share His supremacy with any other god or anything. Many people claim to serve and worship the Almighty God but they still worship other things. Any thing that you love more than the Almighty God is a god to you. So, love your the Lord your God more than anything even more than yourself.

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Psalm 20 is my answer on this question

when our trust is in chariots and horses, then falling and failing is inevitable.

When our trust is in the name of the Almighty God that made the heaven and te earth, then we'll rise and stand head-up.

Great question.

There is no other god like our Almighty God. Him alone is worthy to be praise and worthy of our worship

I try not to give into temptations of any kind, especially those you might begin to worship.

Nice Golden Censer question Ftouch.


Of course not. Yes, there are gods, however, there is only one God who is supreme and i worship Him alone.

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