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What could be people's reason for not checking the answers provided on their questions?

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I was thinking is very appropriate for one to go through all answers provided on their questions! Agree or disagree and upvote where necessary at least to encourage participants. Remember is a platform for learning. My opinion though.

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You are certainly Right. Even when the best answer is nit yet seen, it is important that at least a comment or a vote be dropped to an answer to show that the submission is acknowledged.

That feedback is very necessary and important. I stand with Horn that other modules of appreciation to answers be added.

if we totally agree we should help and encourage each other.

We should take some time to share and support each other, in addition to exchanging ideas about a common theme.

Sometimes there might not be a "best" answer yet. Choosing a best answer sort of closes off the discussion. Sometimes I think it would be good to have multiple "Great Answer" tags in addition to one best answer.

But yeah, when people ask questions and don't ever pick any answer, that's a bummer. Maybe there should be a disincentive for that. Like not picking any best answer within a month means you lose reputation points.

Yes I agree it's important to check all answers and give feedback when needed. It also helps with building relationships between users. ^_^

If truly we asked questions so we can learn from answers we would always be there to read what answer people proffer. Learning is one of the ways to grow in life.

I think the main reason is the lack of a push notification system. I'm sure no one would lose a single answer or comment after receiving an email and/or in-app notification, that may probably encourage answer upvoting as well.

I think it would be good idea, when the answer is posted: the PEERANHA account could send 1 PEER or any other amount, it can be of course even 0.0001 PEER to the one who posted question.
This will be like a reminder

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