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The word says that the peace of God is that which surpasses all understanding, it is not the peace that the world gives, and it also tells us that God's will is pleasant and perfect.
So, if something doesn't give us peace, would it be better to leave it?

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Of course, because the lack of patience can produce anxiety, each situation must be evaluated, my country I leave you, my peace I give you, not like the one the world gives, the peace of God is supernatural.

Sure God's peace(inner peace of mind) the world; money, mansions, costly cars relationships cannot give!
The absence of peace in what we are doing could sometimes mean absence of God in it but sometimes not so. Sometimes God will allow our peace be taking away from us even for what is right before Him, but because we have drifted off His part! All He wants us to do at this point is to turn back to Him in repentance. For instance, God may allow your family to turn against you when you sin against Him, running away from your family at this point wouldn't be an option, I guess!

One of the ways to know if what we want to embark on is the will of our father is that HIS peace will flood your inner man. Again when one is at peace with God he God makes everything around him peaceful. Peace beyond description.

Absence of peace means absence of God.
Whatever that cannot afford peace in your innermost being should be critically reconsidered if God is there.

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