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Welcoming the dead body home from the mortuary.

I am in the villa for the burial of my elder brother Mike come Thursday.
The custom has it that when the corpse is taken from the mortuary back home, at the gate to the compound an elder must say welcome home to the dead before the corpse is allowed into the compound to be laid in state.

My Question is, "Is there any biblical support to this custom?

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Hmm thank God you said the custom, so as far as i am concern such is not engraved in the Bible. In my bible studies yesterday our topic was the culture of the kingdom (you can as well use the custom of the kingdom) and we were told that our conversation should be that of heaven.
I quote Philippians 3:20 it says.

20.For our conversion is in heaven; from whence also we look for the saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what ever your village does is not biblical.
The bible says it is appointed for man to die once after that Judgement.

Your brother has died and there is no custom or formality or traditional right that will bring him back to life or appease God to take him into his kingdom thats if he was a Christian.

So my dear brother that act is not biblical...

Hope you are satisfied with my answer.

It is not biblical, it is just human custom and tradition.

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