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Should a question need 4 answers before the option of choosing the best answer becomes available?

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Some users seem to rush to mark/choose the best answers, before everyone have had the chance to answer. Should there be a 7 day time limit or at least 4 answers for even the option to become available?

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Personally, I use to wait for nothing less than 3 day before picking my best answer. I'm of the opinion that people should be a little bit patient before choosing as a better answer can come after chosing.

Sometimes there is only one correct answer CB, not much point drawing it out in this case. And in this case, I think the right answer still deserves the 15 rep points.

I am happy the way it is. I just hope people learn that the longer they leave the question open, the more responses and therefore they are likely to get.


it is important you give room for more opinion and logical answers. however, the best answer may be alone

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