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Should masturbation, lesbianism, homosexuality, and incense be preached in the church?

I have come across adult that feels that the only sin the youth or young ones commit is lying, stealing, fornication, smoking, keeping bad friends etc. And so many churches centers their preaching or sermon around those common sins i have listed above.

But to shock them there are things the youth does that will so beat the imagination of our parents.
I have come across youth that masturbate, that are homosexual, that are lesbians, some are even bisexual (sleeping with both males and females) and to worsen it all some sleep with their cousins, sisters, brothers, uncles etc.

Heard a story of a woman who plays with her nephews penis all in the name of bathing him.

I would go on and on but let me pause ans ask should the church preach about this.
Or should it be preached only on social gatherings?

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There is no better place to teach that than in the church. The word of god is profitable for teaching in doctrine/conduct, reproof, correction, rebuke, encouragement

Well I can understand why a service leader would avoid these topics Glotokens. For one, telling some children they can't do something, is a surefire to get them to do it.

With respect to your first few comments, Leviticus 18:22-30 is very clear and there should be little confusion.

With regard to masturbation, I get the feeling it the Bible is simply saying - it's not necessarily bad, but it is a waste of your time and probably not so good for your mental health.

With regard to the woman and her nephew - well this sounds like sexual assault to me and someone should call the police.


the scripture says that such things should not be mentioned amongst you. in other words, God expectations from us is that we grow in Grace and virtue to the point that we fix our mind and all our being in Heaven, walking in the spirit always.

However, rebuke should be made and Church doctrine should be taught to correct those who engage in such activities in ignorance so that Christ may be fully formed in them.

Also know that it takes a genuine desire for any one in the oppression of masturbating and the rest of the vices to be delivered.

these are demonic influences and deliverance is the key. after talking against these acts, the church should conduct deliverance

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