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Does serving or following God entails suffering?

Well actually sorry for those that are not Nigerians, there is a song we usually sing over here in Nigeria and it is of the pigin language 😂😂.

It goes thus "me i no go suffer, i no go beg for bread. God of miracle na my papa oo
Meaning i wont suffer and i wont beg for bread. My God is a miracle worker so needless me begging for bread

So I ask again does serving God entails suffering.
Inshot are we going to suffer while following God?

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The bible makes us to understand that we should count it as a thing of joy to suffer for Christ's sake

if paraventure you suffer in serving God, count it all joy.

If your talking about persecutions, then yes. However, keep your faith strong knowing that though sorrow comes in the night, joy comes in the morning.

Yes, provided that or suffering is for the sake of Christ. Let the suffering not be as a result of disobeying God or making a wrong decision by lust.

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