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How did the languages come about? (GC 29)

In Genesis 11: 8, 9, it is said that: “Jehovah scattered them from there over the entire surface of the earth, and little by little they stopped building the city. That is why he was given the name of Babel, because there Jehovah had confused the language of the whole earth. ”

In Genesis 11: 2, the Bible says that languages were confused "in the land of Sinar," later known as Babylon, and that humanity was dispersed from there.

What is your opinion about the emergence of languages?

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Oh, I see Samy who is interested in the origin of the language in the Bible. I hope you get the right answers.

God is the inventor of languages, and he did for a purpose. Languages is also a proof of God, when you consider the uniqueness of your language, it then calls for praise, honor and glory to God most high.

Your language is your strength, If your language is taken away from you, you're mostly been incapacitated. When you learn other people's languages, you're equipping yourself for success, friendship, immunity and prosperity.


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