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Do you think pereanha has planned its continuation?

The birth of telos has also been a wonderful thing, I hope pereanha also provides the benefit of continuity over time.

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For a great project like this, there will definitely be plan for continuation

Definitely! Peeranha is at its very early stage. There are many features and improvements that the team is currently working on and much more in the backlog.

From what I have read, every blockchain plans its continuity, and if its users maintain the market, we will succeed.

There are many amazing plans in the pipeline for Peeranha. Whilst I am not privy to the big picture, there is talk in the Peeranha Telegram channel of the intended piece by piece development... but hopefully the team responds here.


I've been really impressed with Peeranha. They have some really good plans for features to add and they've also been very open to feature suggestons from the Telos and Peeranha communities. That's the sign of a project that will go far: they have their own vision but they are open to suggestions from their users that fit within that vision. It's sometimes said that you build your prototype and then your users tell you what it's really for. There's a lot of truth to that.

I'm excited to see the next advances. I think that the one risk area is not implementing their PEER token on exchanges quickly enough to satisfy the early users, but that too will come in time. So far, they've done an amazing job and Peeranha really is one of the better, more useful dapps in existence.

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