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Pereanha is a public blockchain?

According to its nature YES, pereanha is a public blockchain because anyone can join, write and read. This is an advantage to avoid our friends and acquaintances to join pereanha. If you can share more information about why pereanha is a public blockchain, your contribution would be very valuable.

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Hello, if Peeranha is excellent to be public, so we have access to all, so it is decentralized.

Peeranha is an application built upon the Telos blockchain and Telos is a decentralised public blockchain.

Following on - because Telos is decentralised and the data permanent, Peeranha would be classified as a dApp - decentralised application.


Peeranha is not its own blockchain, it uses Telos and Telos is definitely a public blockchain that anyone can use.

You can verify that Peeranha activity is happening on Telos by looking at a block explorer to see the blockchain activity:

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