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Any mobile wallet for SEEDS?

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I'm about to secure/buy some SEEDS at coinrift.com, but I don't want to leave my coin on an exchange.

Is there any mobile wallet app for SEEDS?


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The SEEDS Passport mobile app is really beautiful and fun. You can download it at the Google Play or Apple app stores under "Seeds Passport". I think it's technically still in alpha or beta but it has really come a long way in the past several weeks.

However, the SEEDS token is a standard Telos token, so you can transfer it from ChainRift to any Telos account you control and move it to other accounts from there with any Telos wallet. You may need to add the token to your wallet, though.

If you use Sqrl you can add it by going to Tools | Custom Airdrop Tokens and then set the contract address as token.seeds and the symbol as SEEDS and then hit Confirm (twice, I think). Then SEEDS will show up in your balances and you'll be able to send them from your accounts that hold SEEDS.

Good luck!

  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentFeb 9, 14:26
    Thanks huge Mr Douglas Horn, that’s the answer to my question. Sqrl wallet is also a wallet for SEEDS.

Hi Max,

The public release of "The Passport" which is a SEEDS wallet will be released on 20-02-2020.

If you sign up at Joinseeds.com you'll get an invite to the wallet on launch day!

Alternatively you can add Seeds as a token (token contract is: token.seeds) to any of the telos wallets. SQRL is my favourite.

Hi Max, I have also received SEEDS, good question I will find an answer from someone who has information about the wallet.

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