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Does your testimony describe your person?

the waman with the issue of blood had a name , but she was identified with her problem. how would you feel if it were

  • Hi EEC. Are you aware of the Golden Censer Challenge? If not, please ask the question here. I am not a fan of random Bible questions in the SteemChurch Community, as it is very hard to gauge if any effort has gone in or whether it has just been copied from a website. SK.

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Testimonies are not necessarily meant to describe who we are, but to glorify the name of the God. Many people in the bible and here presently are described as so,. eg that woman that had no child for many years, that one that was kidnapped, that one that survived accident that killed many and on and on! All that matters is that they glorified the name of God.

Same happens today, in different forms and shapes, but what matters is that God is glorified in those situations just in the case of the woman with issue of blood.


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