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Over 1000 reputation, what am I in peeranha.io?

Over 1000 in reputaion, I'll like to know what I've achieved; am I now a resident or a citizen at peeranha.io, and what is my next milestone to cover?

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You are most definitely a resident now Brother Max.

Status Name Rating points
Stranger 0 ... 99
Newbie 100 ... 499
Junior 500-999
Resident 1000 ... 2499
Senior 2500 ... 4999
Hero 5000 ... 9999
Superhero 10000


congratulations on your achievement.

Well done!!!!

You are now a resident. Ask SirKnight , he has been there.

WOHOO! Congrats.

Reputation gives you credibility and as a resident you have now the opportunity to help even more with the building of such an already awesome community. Let's create value as never before seen on the internet. 💜

congratulations, you are a resident. see you at2000+ reputation and

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