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Do you revisit the Question you answered to see the best Answer?

Many times, all we do is answer a question and hope for a vote, without getting to confirm what the intent of the questionnaire was. Checking back the selected best answers may help us to understand the intent of the user that asked a question.

Do you check back the questions you answered?

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I do that a lot and I advise all to always do so too

Yes definitely i do, i go through it before selecting the best answer. I take time to read through all of it, least i am bias.

Yes, sometimes thou I don't mark the best answer as at times only 1or 2 have answered or both could be right in their own way

Definitely. We should all go back and review the answers - and eventually select the best answer.

There is a quick way to do this too. Go to you profile page and select questions, and just work through them.


you are absolutely right. it's a pointer in the right direction

Sometime I do to check if I have comments to respond to.

Yes I do go through all answers before i mark the best. Sometimes I do wait to see if there will more answers before I mark the best should I not be fully satisfied with the answers given already.

Yes, I review the questions, in fact I spend a lot of time reading the questions and sometimes it happens to me to answer, I will have to do it at the moment and that this does not happen to me. If clearly every question is intended to reveal something.

Yes I do and it is very crucial that that be done. This helps to draw from the wealth of others who answered the question too. Apart from checking out to know what best fits the questionnaire, learning is crucial.

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