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How can I gain more points here?

I have been thinking am working hard and doing my best, but seems my best not too good enough! Brothers Max, Victor, SirK, Apostle D and beloved brothers and sisters your takes please.

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Enjoy yourself Constance, I most certainly do.

I don't so much think about the status or the PEER - I think about providing valuable answers and I enjoy this.

If you enjoy what you do, others will enjoy it too and the reputation points will come.

Happy answering.


engagement is the key. engage by providing quality answers to questions and asking great questions

You need to a magic here and magic ingredients are:

  1. Answer questions, keep answering questions none stop. Great Answers.

  2. Ask and keep Asking relevant Questions. Great Questions.

You discover peeranha system is automated. Not sure the points are awarded manually.

So keep keeping on.

Keep answering questions and engaging other users then you will grow.

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