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Slow and steady or Fastlane progress what is your preference?

I talked to a younger man about progress and he told me, Sir, I want to make it on fast lane.

What answer or encouragement would you have for this man?

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they say "slow and steady wins the race"
slow and steady is always the best. at time towing the fast lane can be the best option depending on the situation.

In my opinion it is the conditions that determine which one is better, I prefer fuzzy logic.

Most younger men like speed, and it changes as one gets older and wiser.

The same could be said about progress on a blockchain like TELOS as any good software coder would say. You can never cut corners with coding, otherwise it will in the end, cost you more time!

Hmmmm, in my experience, there are very few good and honest folk who make fast money. Regardless, some do - so my advice to him would be remember the 5 p's.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance


I will say both are preferred to suit difference situations. some genuine opportunities will require our fast thinking and quick action to grab it, while others may need proper much planning and thinking before acting.

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