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Pay day today 🤗

Did you collect your PEER pay at your wallet today? How much did you get?

This Knight loves his weekly payday. How about you?

How do you feel about the pay delay?


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I am expectant of about 5,000 by the next pay day. It is interesting.

I was paid more then 3000 peer

Mine is 300 PEER. Certainly, next week wi be netbreaking.

It's awesome to amass such wealth with asking and answering questions. More blessings.

I feel great 400 peer. Moving forward

My wallet has 0.00 PEER at the moment I'm still in the early stages. So how much did you get today SirKnight?
And do you get more because of your promotion?

Well mine is 3000+peers expected to pay out in the next one

Am yet get any, my wallet reads 0.00 🤔
I look forward to making it next pay time!

Nothing to see yet