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How many countries do you plan to expand Steemchurch?

I am glad to know that you recently joined the Steemchurch Philippines family, what is the future of expansion? How many more countries do you plan to expand?

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Good question Rosmy.

SteemChurch is a blockchain based, virtual Christian movement, with the sole purpose of promoting family, faith and freedom.

We welcome all Christians of all nations to SteemChurch - any intention to expand into those nations however, will be driven by the parishioners on the ground.

To have parishioners across all nations would be an amazing accomplishment. And who knows, in 5-10 years this may be the case.


For Steemchurch it is wonderful, it is a virtual church, my mother introduced it to me and although I am a girl, I am pleased to learn about the blockchain, I am happy to talk about it with my friends. It allows me to share the word of...

It would be great if it expands to several countries.

Excellent expansion to other countries, if Steemchurch continues to grow then good things will come to all parishioners.

The answer to this question to a large extent lies in the hands of committed parishioners as Steemchurch may not be going on a crusade from one nation to another. Rather than doing this, if a parishioner recruits someone from another nation through the Internet and new parishioner gets more people around him, the leadership may consider recognising this group in that country or community.

This opinion is mine.

Thank you.

Only God knows what is to come but it will be greatly, I believe that countries will be bits of land for this ministry.

Nothing to see yet