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How to successfully raise children?

Educating children is more challenging today than ever, as parents we must fulfill what God wants with our children, parents must be emotional trainers of their children, following some tips such as:

  • Help your children find ways to recognize the emotions they feel.
  • Learn to recognize your child's emotions.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Your attitude towards them is essential for them to be emotionally intelligent and responsible adults.
  • Mark limits. Children need parents who set limits based on their age.
    What is your opinion of how to successfully raise children?

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Give them plenty of time, love and direction.

Provide them with opportunities and teach them self reliance.

Teach them to take responsibility for their actions.
Listen to them, but never forget you are their parent, not a friend.

Last but not least - enjoy frequent family dinners together, with no TV and other distractions. Just talk.


when training a child, the most important is to train him or her in the way of the Lord

One of the successful ways of raising children is to teach them godly ways which you have to to back with practical examples from you the parents. Create a family atmosphere full of love and they have choice going after your examples.

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