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Do you want to talk about money?

Understanding money is the first step to financial freedom!

As Peeranha's very first 'Senior' member 😁 thank you, I have submitted a suggestion for a new community - MONEY.

Let's become financially savvy together.

We need 100 votes. Please go to the voting page and vote YES and make this happen.


In faith. For freedom.


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My vote was the fourth positive vote "money" community received. We hope the community gets created soonest so we can discuss money at its best.

Thanks Sirknight for that smart thought.

Hi SirKnight, I already joined the proposal, it is interesting to learn finance together.

Yes!! Good idea, got my vote already. Money as we know it is about to mutate into many other forms sooner rather then later. It's going to be a hot topic.

Vote number six (6)


I have voted for "MONEY" community. It will be interesting to have great discussions about money.

Money is something what talking about, it's necessary we know how to be financially free. Nice question you asked here.
I am the number seventh vote.✌✌😀😀

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