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I'm Muslim, can I be in your church?

Hi there, I'm Syed Mahdi Hosseini.
I'm Muslim and Shia, I love to see other religions beliefs, and ask question from them.

Can someone like me be in your church?

Hafez Shirazi :
Every one ,whether sensible sober or insensible ,is the seeker of the true Beloved
Every place ,whether the mosque or the church is the house of love .

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You are more than welcome to participate in our discussions regarding the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible Syed.


  • hossainiiricon85StrangerFeb 2, 22:25
    Thanks, dear friend, but my name is Mahdi, Syed is an epithet, someone who has Syed in first of his/her name means they are of the Muhammad (Muslims Prophet) generation.

i welcome you with open hands. welcome! The Father in company of the Son and Holy ghost awaits your coming. Shalom

In the way God accepts us, so we must accept our brothers, regardless of race, sex or nation and much less religion.

Our God loves all and cares. Blessings to ya.

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