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What Existing site is Unbiased Similar to?

I read through the Unbiased site and came away with not understanding exactly how it works. So, what site is Unbiased similar to?

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I think it's gonna get a lot of visual similarities with "popular" social networks, but definitely is a very new approach and it's going to have a fat stack of useful tools never before seen on any single app.

Screens from https://unbiased.cc/social-platform/:


Unbiased has 3 parts. You can find a list of competitors below for each part of Unbiased.

1) Unbiased Data Marketplace - scale.ai, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Figure-eight, Kaggle, etc
2) Unbiased Search Engine - brand watch, yelp, trip advisor, etc
3) Unbiased Social Gateway - Buffer, HootSuite, BuzzFeed, Steemit, etc

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