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How is Jesus Christ to You?

Jesus asked the deciples, Who do you say i am? These question is still very valid in our lives. Your personal submissions is highly appreciated

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Jesus fought for family, faith and freedom against a vicious and oppressive ruling class... intent on enslaving mankind, through their socialist ideals, rhetoric and propaganda - sound familiar?

So Jesus is my hero!


Good question. Jesus is still Christ; the son of the living God.

He is my way, my truth, and my life. Christ Jesus is the living, walking, and talking word of God.

For me Jesus is a whole, the one that sustains my life in every way, my perfect bond.Alpha and omega, the one who heals my wounds, the one that makes me green again, it is his love that makes me happy.

Jesus Christ is the noblest example of the forgiveness of sins, He died for us, and there is no greater demonstration of love.

For me, Jesus Christ is Love and love is everything. Love is the essence of God and love is all God demands from man.

Great question.

Hi, I'm Muslim and Shia, he is our prophet too, in Shia we believe he is alive and was not killed and he will emerge with Mahdi .

Jesus is my amour and defence, a very present help. He is my everything.

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