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What are great ways to earn crypto?

Opposed to gambling Dapps what are other ways to earn crypto?

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there are a lot of ways my friend. Peeranha is one, I will advice you maximize peeranha

Yeah, Peeranha is one of a kind opportunity. However, while we build a great community here, we can also make some money on monetizing social platforms like:

  • Chirp monetized social platform (Lynx Blockchain)
  • Publish0x monetized blogging platform
  • Cent monetized social platform
  • karmaapp monetized social platform
  • Presearch get paid to search
  • Actifit incentivizes and rewards fitness activity
  • 3speak monetized video platform
  • d.tube monetized video platform
  • Everipedia monetized encyclopedia (EOS Blockchain)
  • Bankroll universal basic income (TRON Blockchain)
  • Lumeos social polling app (EOS Blockchain)

There is also nice option on trading platforms.

  • Phemex welcome bonus, up to 12$ on bitcoin to trade

Joining in activities here at Peeranha, is one good way. Blogging at Steem is another. However, because Peeranha is new the reward potential is a lot higher. 🤑


I've been earning on PublishOx, LBRY, and also Chirp.
Hmmmmm, adding links is quite alien on here for noobs, I'd think about optimizing that....

Good list Vadres!
I would also add Uptrennd - it's very easy to earn points there

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