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Remember the 5th Commandment: Honour your father and mother. Always! [Exodus 20]



The strength to carry on this life often emanates from the foundation laid by parents; through training, advice, educating, prayers, moral instruction etc. God knows their roles because he assigned those roles to parents, therefore no parent will intentionally would deceive their children.

Apart from our biological parents, we have other parents eg. In SteemChurch we have SirKnight as a father and Apostle Darlenys as mother, I’ve looked deeply how God is using them in raising SteemChurch as a family unit and I listen and obey their instructions always.


Do you believe in absolute obedience for parents even when their decisions aren't a go for you especially as it relates to your faith and beliefs?

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One does not need to blindly 'obey' their parents to 'honour' them Brother Max.

As an adult I do not 'obey' my parents, but I always 'honour' them through my care, time and respect. There is a difference.

Good question.


I agree with brother SirK here on the premise that I don't absolutely or blindly obey my parents in all circumstances.
We are not oblivious of the fact that many parents have misled some of the children by total obedience!
But when it comes to honor, there is no excuse! This is the only commandment with a blessing attached to it!

Honoring parents, for me it means respect for them and recognition for giving us life, in some situations there are differences between what one wants and what parents want, but I am sure that having good communication and discussion with love of the situation, the parties will be satisfied. The idea is to assert love above all.

This is the commandment that my parents explained to me with a lot of love, if obeying my parents is different from what I think, I trust them, I am sure they always want the best for me.
Max, it is good to hear advice from parents, if you consider Darlenys and SirKnight as parents, you should believe their advice.

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