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Will the Steemchurch family grow in Peerahna?

Yes, the family will grow with everyone's help, we just have to invite new referrals in Telos to enroll in Peerahna.io and then we will upload it to the form.

And are you willing to contribute to the growth of the Steemchurch community in Peerahna?

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Yes, naty the Steemchurch community will grow with everyone's help, I congratulate everyone that they have acquired a great reputation and have received their first PEER in their wallet. It is a great achievement.

I am starting and from my location I have problems with the Internet, but I hope to participate actively in the challenges of the big family.

It is everyone's job, Telos jc already has almost 10,000 parishioners. It is our job to grow the Peerahna family.

Yes, we will grow here in Peeranha. By firstly activating the JC accounts who have been waiting for activities to participate in; and, by inviting new parishioners to our Church.


Steemchurch is already a community to recon with on peeranha. Cant you see it?

Nothing to see yet