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How do you feel when my opinion differs from yours?.

How do you feel about me when I express a different opinion/ Answer from yours?

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There is a lot of black and white in the world, but there are infinite shades of grey.

There are many point of views, stemming from many different countries, cultures. traditions and levels of education. And this is what makes Peeranha a magical decentralised forum for Q&A.

Don't think of the answers as being right or wrong, but merely the publication of different perspectives.


If we ask a question, it is because we do not have the full knowledge of the situation, that is why I feel good when they explain to me even if this differs from my opinion. God created diversity in the world, if we all thought alike it would be really very boring.

Sometimes if they contradict me it bothers me, but as I am in the stage of learning. Can you imagine the world if everyone thought the same?

We must learn to listen to various opinions, maintaining faith in the word of God.

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