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When using Blockchains, you will need to use trading platforms. What have you learned about trading?

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When using blockchains you will have to buy/sell/swap tokens or coins. Over the years I've picked up a few tips on trading like...

Keep calm and don't get emotionally involved.
All good traders have lost money and no one always knows how a price will move.
No two traders are the same, just like peoples personalities, learn your own trading style," thats you"
Don't get greedy and be very careful if you want to leverage trade.(I will never leverage trade myself, just too stressful.
Must have patience when buying or selling to get the best price.

What tips have you picked up whilst trading?

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Never, never, never leave your strategy.

It doesn't care how obvious an opportunity may seem, if it's out of your strategy just let it go. Some traders fund a new account just to trade fast-kind-of-gambling opportunities, but in my opinion they are not very good handling the emotional animal inside themselves.

The issue of trading is drawing my attention recently. I am looking forward to picking as much info as possible. Thank you for bringing the matter up.

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