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Why is God silent towards the killing of Christians in some parts of the world?

Sometimes, we hear in news about violence against Christians, church bombings etc.

Why do we think God is not showing vengeance on such acts?

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Because God is not an emotional being, He does things the way He pleases.

The wicked will never go unpunished.

God gives us time to solve our own problems, just as any good parent would give their children time to settle differences. However the time might come for Him to step in - think Exodus.


Certainly brother is a good question that you raise, to the comfort of believers in the Bible we can find in [Matthew 5: 11-12] how wonderful is the love of God. A reflection of this can be read in my post today on steemit. https://steemit.com/goldencenserdaily/@felixgarciap/golden-censer-s-message-february-01-2020-matthew-5-11-12

Revenge is not God.

"God is sorry." Human facts such as murders, robberies, rapes are not the work of God but of humans, which are far from God's way, and harm not only Christians.

For God we are all his children and we care equally, whether we are Christians or not.

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