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Does Peeranha reward comments?

From my iuse and understanding of this system, I think that comments are the best way tp engage answers. Doe Peeranha reward comments?

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You may be right looking for rewards for comments. Indeed, comments are ways to elaborate a question and answer. It could be a way to surge engagement. However, Peeranha is not built to reward comments in the interim. There could be plans to elaborate the rewards system in the future.

I don't think peeranha as a platform do reward comments...

No rewards for comments Ladu Evegrace, only answers.

I agree with this design. Comments are to privide additional discussion if necessary, but those discussions should not qualify for reputation points or PEER.


Dear friend, I am new to Telos and Peerahna, but I understand if comments are rewarded, because it reflects active participation according to your question.

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