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How do you think Steemchurch can reward senior users of peeranha?

We are aware that the Steemchurch T10 peeranha Challenge is for Junior Residents of peeranha. Whereas, all of us are scaling to grow into the senior cadres. In what ways do you think that seniors can be rewarded in this sort?

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By encouraging the Junior residents to climb higher. when this is done, the senior residents should be rewarded

Oh, I don't think there is a difference in the rewards of old or young. Why do you say that Steemchurch T10 is only for young people?

Older people generally have more ease when it comes to reflecting on the word of God, having them serves as a teaching.

For me Steemchurch has always been fair, there is inclusion for parishioners. I do not think there should be distribution in the challenges, among the elderly and young, that I think can be seen as discrimination.

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