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Are you agree with gambling and bet dapps on TELOS?

A simple question, are you agree with gambling and bet dApp on Telos?

Please share your opinions.

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In the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, the game has been created because it is the way an action for children and young people begins in the economy of the future, but it is clear that it is not mandatory, each member of this family is free to play or not.

I agree that we can't stop them if they want to come, as this is FREEDOM. I also agree that we will never be forced to use them and this too is FREEDOM. And FREEDOM is wonderful.


One of the ways you know that a blockchain is truly decentralized is if anyone can join without being kicked off by some small group who may not want them there. Telos is a truly decentralized blockchain, so any dapp that wants to deploy on the chain can do so. That includes gambling dapps.

Personally, I'm pleased that gambling dapps have not really taken hold on Telos they way they dominate EOS and Ethereum. I understand that people like these and no doubt they will someday come to Telos as well. But so far we have been able to establish the Telos identity without it revolving around gambling. That's something of a first in blockchain, frankly.

When people think of Telos dapps now, they think of truly useful, serious, dapps seeking to address real needs. Peeranha incentivizes great questions and answers. SEEDS builds fair, participatory regenerative economies, Havuta helps provide real data around the outcomes of international aid programs to NGOs that traditionally have been too small to support these data-driven studies, Sesacash provides needed low-cost payment options for people in Africa, Qubicles creates the ability for call centers to balance their staff and needs to be more stable and profitable, Unbiased fights fake news, Zeptagram lets artists sell future participation in their music's success to investors who believe in it. I love that these are real, not just a bunch of dice games.

Gambling will come. It will be a by-product of the other successful dapps that bring a lot of economic value to Telos and therefore make the token worth gambling to many. But our identity is already being set as a serious chain for serious solutions and I like that.

There's no reason for me to think gambling dApps are a bad for any blockchain.

WE need them to give the chain value and fun !!!! it can keep people coming back to interact with the chain we need some gambling dapps like yesterday !! lol

On a personal level, I avoid engaging with such dapps.

From the point of view of Telos, I guess any dapp that would contribute to chain activity will most likely be welcomed.

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