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What are your expectations for February?

Tell us what you expect from God in February

  • Hmmmm, I don't really think you put much thought into this question EEC... do you? Unfortunately this is the type of question which could earn you no votes - and you will become discouraged. You will get out of Peeranha, only what you put into it. So enlighten us with your very best questions and answers my friend. SK.

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Jeremiah 1: 9-10, God has put a Word in mouth. i wi speak to create out of a chaotic circumstance.

There is this thing I so desire to do but circumstances are not helping.

I trust God that in this month of February, doors will be opened!

My expectations are really massive and I'm certain it will not be cut off

Wow, February, a very important month for me, this month I met the woman who later made my wife in February, is the mother of my daughters and life partner.

What do I expect from February of God, the same as every day, may God bless and may his mercy fill us every moment, bless my family and allow me to stay active in Peeranha.

Many success to everyone every day, and achieve your purposes in February.

My expectation in February is to grow, in every aspect, having God present in all the stages of my life. I also hope to grow up in this great family.

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