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What has been your most challenging moment on th blockchain?

We know blockchain is characterized by complexity especially in key management, dapp understanding, and crypto price uncertainties. What has been your most challenging moment since you joined the blockchain?

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my most challenging moment on blockchain was the year 2018. I invested a lot on crypto (bitcoin and ethereum) in December 2017. that was when bitcoin was $20,000. seeing crypto crash in 2018 was heart breaking but I've grown pass it.

mine was when I didn't know the right tags to use and the most frustrating was when I was not getting any upvotes

The crash of 2018. To never be forgotten.


Losing the keys and password to my STEEMIT account!

Having to put a lot of thought into security with seeds/passwords and private keys. Fire proof envelopes and secret locations. -------^--^--------

Having a great burden to start up a blockchain-powered project for orphans and suddenly things turn out and you see yourself not doing anything over time. I wish I could have Telos power the @BlesstheOrphan Project where steem failed.

Hi Uyobon, excellent question, I take this opportunity to express is to learn to give votes to the producers, I am not yet active with that.

Losing private keys is the most difficult part of the crypto learning path. It happened once to me and now i make sure to thing twice before doing anything on crypto.

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