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What are all the publicly-available resources on dStor?

  • Storage Nodes
  • Setup
  • Documentation
  • comm_avatardStor

Hi All,

dStor is highly-anticipated decentralised file storage solution by GoodBlock and I have compiled what I think are all the current publicly-available resources on it below:

Initial dStor announcement: GoodBlock weekly report
Douglas Horn: Introducing dStor
Douglas Horn & Stephanie Sunshine: dStor Q&A
dStor Outpost technical requirements check script: GitHub

Are there any other resources or information that explain more about dStor and how it will evolutionise data storage on the Internet?

Answers 1

These are probably all of the currently available public resources. Except for this very Peeranha community that we plan to use as our main question forum. here

What should be coming out over the next couple of weeks will be:

  • dStor Outpost storage node quick start script
  • dStor API reference for developers
  • dStor website
  • dStor tutorials
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