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Would you love to be rewarded for outstanding engagement of Peeranha?

Introducing Steemchurch T10 Peeranha Challenge. What if your engagement were rewarded on Peeranha, would you engage outstandingly?

Check out the below post for more details.


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Whilst I know I don't qualify as a Peeranga resident, I wish all the strangers, newbies and juniors well.

Love this initiative Brother U.


yes, reward is vital to stimulating interest and such all forms of rewards is welcomed. it will not be out of point if i am reward with $US

Everyone wants good rewards I guess.

Nice initiative

Certainly yes. Where a user is able to put in his best to ensure that he encourages others who ask questions by giving awesome and helpful replies which may be useful in real life situations, then we can say that such gesture deserves an extra reward.

For me, rewards should be given to well thought out answers or questions that acknowledge responses and do a good feedback to answers.

Great initiative.

Hi Uyobon, thanks for the presentation of "Steemchurch T10 Peeranha Challenge", it is good when you have to show commitment to the family, this is what Steemchurch a great family.

I love the essence of the 10-10-10 challenge, "It is better to give than to receive." For every good Christian, this is basic and we enjoy it when God later rewards us with better things and we feel pure joy in our lives.

Hi Uyobon Your proposal is interesting, it reminds me of sharing bread. All providing good wisdom pills.

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