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Could we just pay to add a community?

It would be so cool to pay with tlos just to add our community. Or, even reoccurring fee. Would like to test engagement for a group but my rating isn't 500 yet

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Perhaps paid-for communities could be given a "trial" status so that long-term community members could vote to delete 'spam' or duplicate communities within a few days? That way it would ensure people could get started quickly, but also provide a means for preventing unwanted activity on the platform. After the trial period had expired with no deletion votes, the community would then have regular status and the community founders could perhaps be given a bonus if the community attracted a certain amount of new users within the trial period.

While it may be cool to pay to create communities in the interim, the consequences in the future may not be controlled. Abuse may set in. Let qualification for community creation be dependent on a user's engagement of the platform.

I am pretty certain I speak for the whole Peeranha team and all the users when I say... we want lots and lots of active communities Max. You just need to speak to Sergey, he will help.


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