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Why accumulating Telos and Peer?

Someone asked this. Since Telos and peer do not really have much value in the crypto market! So why going for them?
your take on this please.

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No body is what he was yesterday. Every other high priced cripto in the market started low in value. We knew when bitcoin started and most people turned the other way. Today the value of bitcoin keeps rising in value and is the more sought after.

Hope is rising for Telos.

Buy an asset cheaply today, in anticipation of a high positive cash flow tomorrow.


Telos has shown to grow little by little, I believe Telos and now in Peer. In my country I saw a TV commercial as a child that I still remember:
"It is better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them." I accumulate Telos and Peer!

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